Don’t judge people because they are different from you!

“Don’t judge my path if you haven’t walked my journey”- unknown

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Judging people is a human nature. I am sure we all do. So where is it come from? Why do we judge others?

Here are some reasons why:

  • We feel insecure: when people feel unsecure and unhappy, they tend to say something bad on others. When people feel upset or sad, they want others to feel the same. People have to drag others down.
  • We think we are superior to other: we judge others because we think we are better than others.
  • We envy others: when we don’t have something that others have we are likely to make a judgment about them. For example, people often criticize others whom wear expensive clothes, or have a luxurious brand named bag because they just want to have like others but they could not afford it.

How to stop judging people?

Put yourself in other’s shoes

It will help you have a better understanding of others’ behavior; it helps you understand why others act, say and dress up the way they do.

Avoid stereotyping

As I said in the last post that people shouldn’t be judged only by their appearances or culture differences.

Remember how it feel

Remember when you feel when you are judged. It feels bad, isn’t it? Then why you judge other?


Once you begin to understand, try to accept people the way they are.

“Don’t judge too quickly”


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